My Windows – TeGAAAAAn && saraåâ gliitchmiix

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of glitch art for a while now. That’s probably not a huge surprise to people, especially if they’ve watched my older vlog-ish posts, but one way or another here we are. The origin story of this is as boring as most origin stories are, so I’m going to lie: I won this thing in a contest of manliness, jousting from the back of a Mechasaurus Rex over a lake of lava. Then, after I woke up surrounded by empty bottles of Robitussin and a spent blister pack of Benadryl, I sat down in Premiere and made it.

There’s a lot of problems in here, for sure, to the point that I’d not normally post it at all, just banish it to the depths of my hard drive for time eternal, but for a variety of reasons I also feel compelled to put it out there for ridicule and indifference. I’m actually striving for a near total sensory overload without a loss of aesthetic value. I feel like that’s important, and something that’s often lost, or just too deeply obfuscated in most glitch art and “noise” “”music”". I like the things that can be derived and extracted from chaos, but at the same time I think they need to have some anchor back to the normal world so that the viewer can orient (or at least attempt to orient) themselves to it.